Song Titles That Use Animal Cliches

A accepted bold appearance endure anniversary featured a class I had not apparent before, but I begin myself cerebration of abounding of the accessible responses. Each catechism complex beastly cliches, such as “strong as an ox” or “busy as a beaver.”

After the appearance I came up with a account of songs with titles based on beastly cliches, and actuality are eleven of the best.

Sick As A Dog by Aerosmith

The choir on this harder archetypal from the Rocks anthology provides a additional beastly cliche afterwards Steven Tyler sings the appellation phrase, afterward it with “cat got your tongue.”

High On The Hog by Nirvana

Kirt Cobain chose this byword for the name of a song from his grunge band’s aboriginal album.

Fly Like An Eagle by the Steve Miller Band

This appellation clue concluded up getting a bigger hit than the album’s added singles, including “Rockin’ Me” and “Take the Money and Run.”

Free As A Bird by The Beatles

John Lennon recorded it in 1977, but the three added associates of The Beatles added their choir and appear it fifteen years afterwards his death. The song accomplished the Top Ten in 1995, authoritative it the endure official hit by the Fab Four.

I Think I Smell A Rat by the White Stripes

Jack and Meg White acclimated this beastly cliche as the appellation for a song from their White Blood Cells album, which aswell featured singles like “We Are Going To Be Friends” and “Hotel Yorba.”

Crazy As A Loon by John Prine

The allegorical folk singer-songwriter bound this carol for his Fair and Square record, his aboriginal absolution of new actual in the 21st century.

Deer In The Headlights by Owl City

Adam Young acclimated this cliche for one of the singles from his 2012 disc, The Midsummer Station.

Fish Out Of Water by Tears For Fears

A few years afterwards topping the anthology blueprint with Songs From The Big Chair, the pop bedrock accumulation begin bashful success with this clue from their fourth effort, Elemental.

(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady by Oasis

The Brit altricial band’s endure flat anthology was Dig Out Your Soul, and this tune was one of the highlights on that swan song.

Cold Turkey by John Lennon

Thanksgiving was the extreme affair from Lennon’s apperception on this hit from The Plastic Ono Band album, which was appear anon afterwards the official breakdown of The Beatles.

Night Owl by Gerry Rafferty

Stealer’s Wheel absent their foreground man who on this appellation clue connected the success of City To City, the anthology that spawned “Baker Street” and “Right Down the Line.”